Thursday, 3 July 2014

Winter Base Makeup Essentials ❅

Hello hello, I know it's been AGES but I hope you haven't forgotten about me! I'm finally done with exams, so it's time to blog again! Hmm, what has happened since I've been gone? Well, Winter has fallen upon us if you're in AUS/NZ, and we all know what that means. Dry skin and dull pale faces; at least for me anyway! So of course I need my fool-proof Winter base products to get me through the cold days.

 To start off, I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser to get rid of those pesky dark circles. Although it gives a matte finish, I don't find this concealer to be drying and it doesn't settle into my fine lines. 

Following, I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which is a lightweight, dewy foundation that gives light to medium coverage. This is a saviour when my skin is drier because it doesn't cling to dry patches, hallelujah! The shade I have is 200 Soft Beige, which I find matches me perfectly when I first apply it, but oxidises slightly during the day. I would definitely recommend picking up a shade slightly lighter than your natural shade.

And finally, the star of the show which you can buy individually or in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. Of course, I'm talking about the Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light (pictured below). This is perfect to just add a bit of colour to the face. I just apply this to the places I would normally apply bronzer, just to bring back some warmth into my complexion.

Swatches from top to bottom:
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in 10 Fair
Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light

So those are my essential base products during the winter time. What's on your face? 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wednesday Wishlist | A little bit of everything...

Hello all you lovely people! You may or may not have noticed that my blogging has been a little scarce lately - and I apologise for it! But you know sometimes in life when you're just stuck in a rut? Well yeah... I've been having one of those phases. Plus exams are coming up in the next couple of weeks and I'm starting to feel the pressure, eeeek!

But despite all that, my cravings for makeup products that I don't need haven't subsided at all - in fact I think the more stressed I feel, the more I want to go shopping! I guess that's "retail therapy" for you...

Here's what I've been thinking lately about instead of studying:


Isn't this brush just adorable? There's something so Harry Potter-esque about it - it looks like a broomstick! I've heard good things about this brush and come on, how lovely would it look in my collection of brushes?!


I know, I know, I'm super late on this one. The idea of pink hued eyeshadow had never appealed to me before - I guess I was just scared of looking like I had swollen eyelids. But I've been watching a lot of videos where this palette is used, and aaahhh the colours are just so pretty.


I am a loyal fan of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer and am currently working my way through my multiple backups of them. But I think that when I'm done with those, I'd love to give this one a try. It is always raved about online, and who doesn't love the words "radiant" and "creamy" when it comes to concealers?


I have been meaning to try these for ages after reading Rae's blog post on her favourite lip products for dry and sensitive lips (which I have!). But is it just me, or do you also feel overwhelmed when there are too many shades to choose from? I don't even know where to begin!


I need this in my life!!! At the moment I use the NARS eyeshadow in Coconut Grove which is a really good colour match for me, but I just need something a little more waxy to tame the hairs down. This is one of the most talked about brow products and I am so eager to try it!

So there's all the products that I have been wishing for this week. What's on your wishlist?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane | A Revlon Nude Lip Combo

There's just something so lovely about a nude lip. Don't get me wrong, I love a dark bold lip on a day when I feel like conquering the world. But for the other plain jane days, I just want something that gives a polished, put-together look.

I have been reaching for this nude duo a lot lately. The Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 035 Blush is the perfect nude shade for my lips. It is a mauve pink shade that doesn't lean too nude, so I don't look like I'm dead (which isn't a look that I'm going for!). I find the formula to be very moisturising and I actually like that it's not overly pigmented, but rather gives a sort of sheer yet build-able colour.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in 040 Nude Lustre is a lovely peachy pink nude and pairs perfectly on top of the lipstick. The formula is slightly sticky - just enough to give it some lasting power and not enough to get it all stuck in your hair on a windy day.

From top to bottom:
Lipstick with Lipgloss on top
Lipgloss in 040 Nude Lustre
Lipstick in 035 Blush

So that's the good news, and now for the bad: 
I started this blog post hoping that after reading this you could just pop into your local drugstore and pick up this duo. But sadly Revlon has decided to discontinue both of these! Nooooo, why do bad things happen to good products?! Haha, but I guess on the plus side you might stumble across these in a discount bin in the future and grab them for a couple of bucks!

I really love a simple no-fuss nude lip during the colder months. What is your go-to nude lipstick?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane | MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt & Superb

Today I'd like to share with you my favourite highlighters of all time! No doubt you've heard about the infamous Whisper of Gilt that everyone has been trying to find dupes for, and maybe even Superb, the less popular yet equally as gorgeous sibling.

These were released in the MAC In Extra Dimension Collection for Spring 2012, the MAC Glamour Daze Collection for Holiday 2012 and possibly others - but I'm not 100% sure! They were limited edition and retailed for about $29USD or $50AUD.

Whisper of Gilt is described as a "light soft white gold with shimmery sheen". This one is my go-to for when I want a very bronzed glowing look as it leaves a beautiful golden sheen on my cheeks.

Superb is described as a "soft peach nude with multidimensional shimmer". I love this one paired with a rose coloured blush to give that rose gold glow.

Left to right:
Whisper of Gilt

These highlighters are amazing - they aren't powdery and just give the most beautiful glow to the skin. I don't personally use them during the day (it's a little much for me!) but these Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are definitely my go-tos on a night out or a dinner date. The wonderful thing about these is that not only do they work as a highlighter, they can also be used as eyeshadow!

If these are ever re-promoted, be sure to pick them up if you want a luminous glow on your cheeks! MAC releases new Extra Dimension Skinfinish shades each year which are equally as beautiful, so don't worry if you can't get your hands on these exact ones.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review | Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop

Clinique has recently(ish) come out with a line of Cheek Pop cheek colours that feature four beautiful shades. They are described as a "vibrant yet natural-looking cheek colour that looks virtually powderless." I was a bit hesitant to try these since I'm not always drawn to Clinique's makeup range (I do love their skincare though!), but I'm definitely glad that I did. They retail for $40AUD or $21USD.

The shade I have is called Berry Pop and I would describe it as a medium fuchsia pink. It is a bright shade, but I like to apply it sheerly on the cheeks to give a flushed look. Of course, you can build it up if you prefer something more vibrant.

The texture of this blush is not something I've seen before. It feels like a cream blush, but on the skin it dries to a powder finish - it doesn't look powdery though! It gives a beautiful sheen to the cheeks and is not greasy or glittery whatsoever. Also they not only look great on top of foundation, but even on bare skin. I find these to be more natural-looking and long-lasting than a traditional powder blush!

Another thing that sold me is the beautiful packaging - it is held in a thick acrylic casing that feels very solid. I was expecting it to feel like cheap plastic drugstore makeup packaging, but it is definitely nothing like that!

These Cheek Pop blushes are simply lovely - I think I'm going to have to purchase the other 3 shades! They are so natural looking on the skin, and this shade in particular would look great on everyone.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review | Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick

If you were ever put in a situation where you had to eat your lipstick, I would definitely recommend these ones. The Luminous Crème Lipsticks from Bite Beauty are made with "lip nuturing food-grade ingredients that are healthy enough to eat". They also don't contain any parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances etc - aka there's none of that nasty stuff in there!

In my last Wednesday Wishlist I featured these lipsticks because I have heard a lot of good things about them - escpecially from one of my favourite bloggers Makeup By Tiffany D. So when I saw that they were only $21 on OzSale, I jumped at the opportunity!

Usually, they retail for $24USD or $36AUD.

I picked up three shades (from left to right):
Cin Cin, Shiraz, Fig
The formula of these are soooooooo smooth - yes, it needs the extra o's to emphasize just how smooth the formula really is. It feels sort of waxy on the lips, but is extremely comfortable to wear. Although they aren't the most long lasting - I get about 4 hours of wear from these - when they fade they do it gracefully without leaving that awkward ring around your outer lip.

Cin Cin is described as a tropical coral. This swatch is applied very sheer, but this shade can definitely be built up to a vibrant shade (see swatch on arm).

Shiraz is described as a soft plum. It is a very wearable colour and is only a couple of shades darker than my natural lip colour. I love this one for fall/winter!

Fig was actually the first one in my shopping cart because it is one of Tiffany D's favourites, but honestly it is my least loved one out of the three. The colour is lovely, however for me personally I don't gravitate towards nude rose shades on my lips.

A quirky thing about these lippies are the lids. They feature a distinct lipstick wear down shape for each shade group: neutrals, reds, pinks and berries.

The formula of the Luminous Crème Lipsticks from Bite Beauty have seriously blown me away. I am definitely keen to try out more products from this brand!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Review | NARS Blush in Dolce Vita

I've had this pretty blush in my collection for a while now, but for some reason it's just been forgotten. I generally only gravitate towards darker deeper shades in the Autumn/Winter, so now is the perfect time to bust this bad boy out!

This NARS Blush in Dolce Vita is described as a "matte dusty rose" and retails for $45AUD or $30USD. It is a permanent shade.

True to NARS blushes, Dolce Vita has great colour payoff and is easy to blend. On my light-medium skin it shows up as a pinky red sheen - not entirely matte.

Since it is so pigmented I would definitely recommend applying this blush with a fluffier brush. A light dab into the pan will give you enough colour - I definitely learnt the hard way and ended up with clown cheeks the first time I wore this.

Although it might look slightly scary when swatched, it is actually a wearable blush that can be built up if you prefer something more intense. I love this blush during Autumn and Winter as it just gives a natural i've-just-been-out-in-the-cold flush to the skin.

This is a really nice blush for anyone looking for a rosy red cheek. It's pigmented and blendable - just make sure you use a light hand to avoid looking like a clown!